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Ape Academy - Platinum Edition


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Manufacturer's Description

Based on the multi-million selling Ape Escape franchise, Ape Escape: On the Loose sees more than 200 cheeky monkeys let loose across eight vibrant worlds and 20 fun packed levels. Each and every Monkey has their own unique personality: some are loud and competitive, some mischievous and meddling and others are just cheeky wise guys.


The aim of the game is to capture the troublesome apes before they change world history with their escapades. Players can choose from a range of gadgets and gizmos including a remote controlled car, tank, sky flyer, radar and sword to help hunt down the mischievous monkeys. The multiplayer mode allows two players to take on each other in a series of hilarious and highly competitive mini-games including snowkidz racing, ape ping pong and boxing.


Go bananas with the wireless capability and hook up with other Monkey fans to work together to protect the world and keep those chimps at bay& there's no time for hangin' around - these monkeys mean business!

With over 45 mini games to play, from monkey bowling to pot fighting, there are always exciting new ways to monkey around. Take control of your favourite chimp and work your way through the school years by winning these wacky mini-games! Here are but a few to whet your appetite...



  • One metre dash: It's all in the reflexes as up to four players compete to see who is quickest off the blocks. Ready! Steady! Wait for it... can you handle the tension or will it be a false start?
  • Dodge ball: normal dodge ball is too easy for these chimps: they have to play it over a pit of boiling lava! Watch out: those simian spinners throw a mean over-arm...
  • Scissors, paper, stone: a variation on the playground classic. But in space. With jet packs. And laser guns
  • Geronimo: what kind of monkey would jump out of a plane without a parachute? These ones, apparently! Chase them down and give them their 'chutes before they make a nasty mess on the beach below...
  • This is like no other school you've ever attended -- maths, geography and physics all go out the window. Instead you can earn your grades by fighting off zombies or become the teacher's pet by playing a mean game of Scissors, paper, stone! (Don't forget your space helmet)
  • These bite-sized games are perfect for fun on the run, each overflowing with zany monkey humour. Great new multiplayer options allow you to play up to four other would-be ape academics via the wireless compatible mode, or use the ingenious control system to simultaneously play against a friend using just one PSP, the ultimate in personal and portable entertainment.


EAN: 9222770049602

Ape Academy - Platinum Edition

Varenr.: AVI-6275343
£26,99 Regulær pris
  • Ages 3 and over

  • PSP

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