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Bakugan Beschützer des Kerns - German Import


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Bakugan: Defenders of the Core is a multi-style action game based on the anime series, featuring mighty Bakugan monsters and the human Battle Brawlers who guide them in combat. The towering Bakugan engage in earthshaking battle using their massive size and special attacks, through a sophisticated combat system that requires planning as well as power. Players create a new hero character, who is called upon to lead the Battle Brawlers through a mission-driven storyline to defend the great cities of Earth from the forces of the evil Spectra. Defenders of the Core is played like a fighting game in some modes, with players taking direct control of their Bakugan creatures in head-to-head battles. In other situations, players manage multiple elements at once, in real-time strategy competition. Multiplayer action is supported over a wireless PSP-to-PSP connection.


EAN:  0478757649658

Bakugan Beschützer des Kerns - German Import

Varenr.: AVI-6374865
£60,00 Regulær pris
  • Ages 12 and over

  • PSP

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