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KYOTO PEARL 925 Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Floater Necklace (RARE & COLLECTABLE)


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Kyoto Pearl Certificate of Authenticity is included.


Make a statement with this freshwater pearl necklace, crafted from several strands and lobster fastening. Freshwater pearls are cultured in mollusc shells found in freshwater lakes and rivers in the Far East. After the molluscs are gathered, the pearls are carefully removed, handpicked and graded for size, colour and quality. The pearls are then drilled to enable them to become threaded as necklace or mounted in gold or silver as an item of jewellery.


Physical Size:

Overall Length when open:  Approx. 18" Inches (Approx. 46cm)


EAN:  9787601271989

KYOTO PEARL 925 Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Floater Necklace (RARE & COLL)

Varenr.: AVI-7644822
£59,00 Regulær pris
Colour: Grey
  • 925 Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearls

  • Colours may look different to the actual item due to variations in individual light, and monitor settings, as well as changing natural light, and inconsistencies in digital photography.  Photos are for demonstration purposes only.

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