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Pro Evolution Soccer 5


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For the majority of football loving video games fans the most important event in the gaming calendar is the release of a new Pro Evolution Soccer game.


Only a few screenshots have so far been seen of the game, but it looks astonishing even by PSP standards, with highly realistic graphics that almost look better than the PS2 version. A wireless multiplayer is already guaranteed (although for how many people is still unclear), which together with the reliability of the Pro Evolution Soccer name is almost all committed fans will need to know.


The game is expected to include many of the new features from the latest home console versions, including the introduction of wingbacks and more realistic weather conditions. One feature that is definitely confirmed for the PSP is the Master League that allows you to take on a player manager role. Indeed, series creator Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka has suggested that the Master League may be expanded to such a degree that it will become almost a mini version of Championship Manager -- so that you’ll be quite happy just playing that on the move and the actual matches when you get home.


EAN: 4012927060483

Pro Evolution Soccer 5

Varenr.: AVI-7638100
£29,99 Regulær pris
  • Ages 3 and over

  • PSP

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