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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07


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In a nutshell:

Tiger Woods returns and in better form than his recent Ryder Cup letdown, with a whole host of refinements and additions (and the odd subtraction) to the winning PGA Tour formula.


The lowdown:

The problem with updating a golf game every year is that, unlike most other sports, nothing much changes in terms of players or courses. Despite that, this update tries its best with new courses, new golfers, an expanded online mode and an even better create-a-golfer mode. The only downside to all this is that the main "Rivals" single player mode from last year’s game has gone, replaced with the inferior "Team Tour" mode. It doesn’t affect the selection of other modes though, including new options "Elimination" and "OneBall" and the four player "Bloodsome and Greensome". It may not reinvent the wheel but it does at least add some very welcome decoration to it - and thankfully not in the style of most golf clothing.


Most exciting moment:

The best bit about PGA Tour is still its simple and accessible controls. There are two main controls, the first uses the left analogue stick to swing and set the power and the right aims where you hit the ball. The alternative control places the hook and slice on the right stick, if that’s how you prefer it.


Since you ask:

The Xbox 360 version of the game became infamous as the first game to allow you to unlock the extra features by paying money via micro-transactions on Xbox Live Marketplace. You can, however, still unlock them the honest way on all the different versions.


The bottom line:

A minor update to the world’s favourite golf game.



  • All-New PGA Tour career mode
  • PSP exclusive mini-games
  • Challenge your biggest rival in online multiplayer games
  • All-new shot enhancements
  • Enhanced gameplay presentation
  • Features 11 of the world's top players
  • Twelve championship and fantasy courses


EAN: 9200000114122

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Varenr.: AVI-6275373
£10,00 Regulær pris
  • Ages 3 and over

  • PSP

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